Diet and Exercise : You can’t do one without other

by Ravi Ranjan Kaushik

I come across all sorts of people and I am amazed to see that most of them fall prey to this myth. You won’t believe If I say that 7 out of 10 people I meet think that It doesn’t matter what they eat as long as they are not skipping their daily workout. Most people think exercise as a miraculous remedy for all the junk they are consuming. But that’s not the case, Diet and Exercise go hand in hand. You can’t beat your fork with Just Exercise.

A good weight loss plan always prioritizes diet over Workout. Exercise ensures that you burn calories but evolution has made humans a very efficient machine.  If you want to burn 1 kg of fat you’ll need to burn 7,700 calories. Even If you run a marathon you’ll only burn 2500 calories.

This doesn’t imply that you shouldn’t exercise, Exercise is also a key component of weight loss. Exercise helps us to increase our metabolic rate. It also keeps us active and fresh. It helps us to maintain a good mood as it releases a chemical called endorphin. Endorphins give a positive state of mind and help to reduce pain. The summary here is that If you are planning to lose some weight, Only Intense Exercise is not quite a good way to go.

80% efforts in Diet and rest in Exercise

A healthy balance of both of them is necessary as you can’t achieve weight loss by neglecting one healthy habit in favor of others. According to an article by Times Of India, you should focus 80% of your efforts on Nutrition and the remaining 20% on Exercise for effective weight loss.

You are going to lose weight only If you consume fewer calories than you burn on any given day.  But People often do quite the opposite of what they should do. Most of the people just spend their time hooked in the gym trying to burn calories.

you need to make sure that you make a diet plan with the perfect blend of Nutrients and the least possible amount of calories. There are many types of diet plans for this purpose.

How your diet should look?

First of all, you should look for your preferred calorie intake for weight loss. Calorie intake differs from person to person, It factors in your age, height, weight, and how much you want to lose in a given period. You can use our Free Calorie Calculator to know your recommended calorie intake.

If you are not following any dietician or Nutritionist recommended diet plan. For this, you need to make sure that you make a diet plan with the perfect blend of Nutrients and the least possible amount of calories. There are many types of diet plans for this purpose.

You should look for following Nutritional properties in your daily Weight loss diet.

A bowl full of Nutritious fruits and vegetables


you need to make sure that you are including enough fibers in your meals. Fiber helps to combat indigestion and constipation, a nightmare for every weight loss journey. Fiber does not get digested and mostly reaches large intestine unchanged which is used to feed the friendly gut bacteria. These bacterias ensure good digestive health.

Some of the rich sources of fiber include beans and legumes, oats, flax seeds, and sprouts. You need to give your gut a little time to adjust while switching to high fiber foods.


If you workout then you need protein as it is the required nutrient to build muscles. Further, Protein helps in Increasing the feeling of satiety (feeling full). It reduces your hunger by decreasing the level of ghrelin, a hormone responsible for hunger.

In traditional Indian food, however, we include milk and pulses. Still, we lack protein as a person needs 0.8 grams of protein for every Kg of his body weight. Which means For a 70 kg person, he needs 56 grams of protein.

Some good sources of protein include eggs, kidney beans (Rajma), lentils, cottage cheese (Paneer), and green peas (matar).


Carbohydrates are the most feared category of food among weight loss enthusiasts. But Our plates should at least contain 40% carbs for a proper functioning active body.

You don’t need to worry about Including carbohydrates as Indian culture allows a lot of carbohydrates in one form or the other. Just don’t obsess on cutting carbs fully from your diet.

Some of the sources of carbohydrates include rice, chapati (roti), legumes, fruits, and multigrain bread.

Pair Cardio with Weight Training for Weight loss

The most powerful combination for weight loss is aerobic Exercise (Cardio), weight training and Resistance Exercise. Most Healthy people focus on cardio and resistance training to get the best outcome in terms of lean body and good muscle mass. Let’s see how this works.

cardio for weight loss

Cardio helps you burn a lot of calories with continuous body movements. Cardio at a moderate intensity can be done for a longer time which helps to burn more calories. You can get afterburn in cardio as well if you do the continuous movement at 80% of heart rate. This is the key reason people tend to support cardio in comparison to other types of exercises.

Weight training and Resistance training builds muscles. Muscle has a higher metabolic rate than Fat. EPOC (Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) is a term used by Nutritionists. It is used to describe afterburn i.e due to the increased metabolic rate, your oxygen consumption is high after doing Weight training Training. High Oxygen consumption Implies a higher rate of burning calories.

weight training for weight loss

Weight training also ensures that you don’t lose muscle in pursuit of weight loss. Afterburn also gives weight training an added advantage as You’ll burn more calories even if you are not doing anything for several hours.

For a healthy Exercise plan for weight loss, You should do cardio to burn more calories and to burn even further calories after the workout session include resistance and weight training too. You can also combine high Intesity Interval training when you get fitter. This sums up the success secret for weight loss with diet and exercise.

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